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i did not know . ✺✺✺ DOWNLOAD. flushing out the throat causes a lot of bubbles. 0, more. Save as PDF:. New Blood & Medical Ass'n,. I miss the walking meditation and meditations. I found a book (Thoughts of a Medic)that also has meditations. That's how I found these. The author makes it really easy. I'm going to check out the other book when I can get into a quiet place. Hello all. Thanks to everyone who posted suggestions on the healing meditations. I had a wonderful experience in a Zen Center in Michigan, called Clearwater Zen Center. There are daily meditations, especially after meals. "Meditation: The Art of Living" is my favorite because of the instruction given in this well-written book. Clearwater has a special evening meditation called. "The Buddhist Book of the Dead" was also helpful for me. The yoga that I do now is similar. There are several other books listed in this forum that I'd like to try. Happy Healing! And thanks for your response. I'm really interested in the book on the washing. I've got a friend who does it as part of her "journey" out of an eating disorder. I've always thought it was crazy and wonder if it actually works. Your comments have given me an opportunity to look into it. I am also interested in the Taoist meditations. That one really resonated with me. Thanks for all the input. I can so relate to what you say about the feelings. I do find myself emotional very often and even find that it's affecting my job as a teacher. I always tell my students that it's just part of being human and need not effect your teaching in any way. I am glad you found a book that you liked, it's hard to find much of anything on the web about this subject. You are doing what I've been thinking about, that is, how to connect with the people who are in and out of our lives and how to reach them with healing thoughts and ideas. I've always thought that learning some form of meditation would be really helpful for me. I think that I am very good at



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