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Ecology And Environment Pd Sharma Ebook Free Downloadl naygin




Eco-Physical and Cultural Adaptations; 6. Concluding Remarks; 7. Acknowledgments; 8. References. 1. Introduction Awareness about the causes, consequences and potential solutions for human impacts on the environment is spreading amongst the environmental and ecological community. The area of human impacts on the environment is called environmental sustainability. The pioneers of this area were the environmentalists who were trying to protect the environment from human exploitation. Over the years, the environmental movement has been getting more and more sophisticated and thus, its recognition and legitimacy have increased. It is this change that is the basis for the development of environmental sustainability. To reach to this level, people are realizing that there are many points of friction in the development of an environment-friendly society. One of the most essential elements of human existence is the maintenance of the human and natural environment. The development of an environment-friendly society will be instrumental in maintaining a healthy environment for all. The challenge of sustainability is to make the world a better place for the future generations. It is essential to make the people aware of the benefits that an environment-friendly society can give them. The traditional approaches to this challenge had a positive effect, but there are some negative implications of the new thinking. In the traditional understanding, we can say that to sustain a sustainable society, we need to deal with the environmental, social and economical problems. Sustainable development means to integrate and sustain both the nature and the society. This has opened the opportunity for a new approach to the problems of environment and ecology. This new approach has been called “Ecological Humanism”. Ecological Humanism is a scientific endeavor to look at man’s relationship with the environment by using a humanistic perspective. The primary aim of this approach is to help mankind to maintain an environment-friendly society and to provide better living conditions for all. 2. Climatic and Topographic Factors The earth’s climate plays a key role in the maintenance of the living conditions on our planet. The climatic factors are very important for the maintenance of the living conditions. There is always a delicate balance between the climatic conditions and the human activities. With the rising temperature, man is losing his ability to adapt. Recent studies show that the global warming is caused by the increase of the greenhouse gases that are generated from the human activities. • The temperature of the earth has increased over the years. The average temperature has been recorded over the centuries. The past statistics show that the




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Ecology And Environment Pd Sharma Ebook Free Downloadl naygin

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